Undergraduate Study

What makes the Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences special?

Monash University is in the global top-50 for life sciences by the authoritative Times Higher Education ranking 

  • Highest level of consistent recognition for academic quality in health care by the Australian Government* (*Learning and Teaching Performance Fund) 
  • More programs enabling you to study in your chosen profession at undergraduate level now – and the options of double degrees and Honours programs 
  • The broadest range of professionally accredited programs 
  • More clinical placement opportunities – Monash is linked with the largest health care provider network in Australia, and the major casualty hospital in Melbourne Rural students make up over 25 per cent of our medical program 
  • Opportunities for research within one of the world's leading centres for biosciences research 
  • Global engagement − Monash has its own network of campuses, centres and clinical schools around the world − and prominent membership within the prestigious M8 Alliance 
  • More opportunities for deserving students from all backgrounds, through a meaningful commitment to social inclusion 
  • MBBS
  • Nutrition Science

Honours Programs

The School of Clinical Sciences (SCS) at Monash Health and Hudson Institute of Medical Research are all about innovative research techniques in (but not limited to); molecular biology, genetics/genomics, structural biology, physiology, cell biology, clinical research and animal models.

With both a clinical teaching school and medical research institute located in a unique translational research environment, our researchers, clinician-scientists and students benefit from our strong partnerships with Monash University, Monash Health and many prestigious institutes and centres in Australia and around the world. With the MHTP Translation Research Facility opening in 2015 at this precinct, students will have even greater access to world leading facilities directly located close to the precincts’ researchers and clinicians.

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This course provides students who have successfully completed two years of the Monash MBBS program or the deemed equivalent of the Monash MBBS in a recognised undergraduate medicine course with an opportunity to gain an in-depth understanding of an aspect of medical science and to pursue the study of this field through research.

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Clinical Teaching Program

Clinical Teaching Programs in the School of Clinical Sciences at Monash Health is a vibrant interdisciplinary hub of teaching and research. Our team coordinates the teaching of Monash University's Bachelor of Medicine/Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) program, covering all units in every specialist medical and surgical discipline. Our network of hospitals means that one week you might be at Monash Medical Centre in Clayton assisting in neurosurgery, watching cardiac bypass surgery or a double mastectomy, and the next taking a history at Kingston Centre from a stoic octogenarian who's had a fall but just wants to tell you about her rose garden. In fact you could spend your time at any one of our locations; Monash Medical Centre (MMC), Kingston Centre, Casey Hospital, Dandenong Hospital, Moorabbin Hospital or the New Monash Children's Hospital; an impressive 230-bed dedicated children's hospital due for completion in 2016.

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Student Vacations Placement Program

The Hudson Student Vacation Placement Program is a scheme designed to give undergraduate and Honours students experience in an area of research and an insight into future career opportunities supplemented by a scholarship payment for the placement period.

Placements are tenable for 6-8 weeks, the exact length is to be negotiated between the student and their nominated supervisor. Applicants are required to nominate one of the three available intake start dates between November and January (dates are listed below). The placements are not intended to support the employment of students for routine work.

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