Centre for Inflammatory Diseases appoints new director

Congratulations to Professor Michael Hickey on his appointment as Director of the Monash University Centre for Inflammatory Diseases (CID). Michael will take over the role from Professor Richard Kitching, who over the last five years has done an outstanding job in raising the grant success and publication output of the CID under his dynamic leadership.

Michael has been a long-standing and valued member of the CID and Department of Medicine, and will no doubt build on the successes of the CID over the last five years and take it to even greater academic heights under his guidance and leadership.

Michael is an internationally recognised expert in cellular mechanisms of inflammation and has been the Group head of the Leukocyte Trafficking group for several years. He has had recent publications in Nature Communications, Cell Metabolism and Journal of Clinical Investigation.

After completing his PhD at the University of Melbourne in 1996, Michael undertook postdoctoral training in the Immunology Research Group at the University of Calgary in Canada (1996-1999) and then on returning to Australia, at the Baker Heart Research Institute (2000-2001), before being recruited to the Centre for Inflammatory Diseases 18 years ago this August.

We wish Michael all the very best in the new role and for the continued success of the centre under his leadership, and thank Professor Richard Kitching for his outstanding work over the last five years.